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Pedal Buggies Tasmania

“Who’d have thought exercise could be so much fun?”

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Alison N Leigh


We had a great time on the pedal buggies! Great way to see some of Ulverstone!!


Kids love the bike ride Dallas. Great way to spend Easter, and burn off some of that Easter Choc!!! ;-)

Conditions of Hire


Terms, Rules & Conditions of Hire.

  • Persons hiring or using our buggies must obey all road rules. Give way to all vehicles & pedestrians. (Pedestrians have right of way.)
  • ALWAYS think safety first. Operate buggies at a safe speed being mindful of other path users, vehicles and other hazards. (Be courteous (polite) to other track users)
  • Buggies are not bumper cars. (No buggy contact with each other) Rough treatment of buggies is not permitted. Your hire fee covers use not abuse.
  • Buggies are not to be taken on skate bowl area.
  • Buggies are not to be taken on the beach.
  • If buggies are found to be damaged upon return then the cost of repair, replacement of parts & labour charge will be met by person hiring buggy. A deposit may be required prior to hiring and will only be refunded upon return of undamaged buggies.
  • Management of PBT reserves the right to refuse hire or terminate hire contract prematurely due to rough treatment of buggies or failure of persons using buggies to adhere to rules relating to hire.
  • No persons under the influence of alcohol are to use our buggies.
  • Do not stand on buggies. All passengers must be seated on appropriate seat.
  • Buggies may use road carefully to access shared pathway. (No racing on the road/street)  Use extreme caution when riding in car parks and on road.
  • Helmets are provided for your protection and legal obligations.(Use your own or borrow ours.)
  • Please familiarise yourself with the safe operation of buggy prior to using it.
  • Caution: Single person buggies may roll if turned too suddenly.
  • Keep your feet on the pedals at all times using the brake provided for that buggy to stop. Do not use your own feet on the ground to stop. Familiarise yourself with brake system for the buggy you are on before commencing ride.
  • Do not pedal backwards while travelling in forward direction as pedals may kick you. (Black Daytona 3 speed single person buggy and red Balanz buggy excepted as these buggies do have a reverse pedal brake system).
  • Family Buggy:-  Front seats are for small children only who are too small to pedal themselves.
  • Single Buggies:- One person only per buggy. No joy riders. (- unless small child seat is fitted.)
  • Operating area is between Otto’s Grotto and the caravan park opposite the surf club using the shared pedestrian/cycle path via car parks opposite The Beach Hut to access pathways.  On occasions operation outside this area may be permitted by management and discussed prior to hire.
  • Surrey Bikes only may use Beach Road to access the pedestrian/cycle path to Turners Beach. Surrey Bikes only may also go beyond Otto’s Grotto to the wharf area continuing under bridge through Anzac Park to the rowing club. Please see separate rules for operation of Surrey Bikes.
  • Please familiarise yourself with the permitted operating area for your buggy type, rules of hire and safe operation of buggies prior to commencing hire.
  • Persons using any equipment related to Pedal Buggies Tasmania do so entirely at their own risk. Pedal Buggies Tasmania will not accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage arising from the use of our equipment.
  • Have fun.


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